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Week 6. A picture says a thousand words

Starting explore…

With new subject in Course blog for a Wikiversity

Photography has been one of those main subjects to organise as it new way in art teaching among two last years. Digital techniques movement has risen up a new strong interest to photography among students. I have been using Flickr account to share photos with students in primary and secondary school since last autumn (2007). I have been very contented with it. It’s easy account to collect courses, subjects and photos together. And we are there together with thousands of photographers. I have found that large community very important surround to novice photographers to get influence and inspiration. There are thousands of groups to join freely and share photos in same interest.

I was really happy to have my own explore to my home city Kotka area. I started with Flickr searching photos tagged Kotka. I noticed people found interesting views(there is also a group pool Kotka). There was a picture about old railway bridge taken by dumell. I decided to get there to the same place and have my own impression about that place.

Hallan sillan alla

That bridge is Halla called areas old railway bridge. Hallan sillan alla (Finnish) means under the Halla bridge. I think that Finnish sentence sounds grate! : ) That place was really interesting! There was lot of signs about history of that Halla area. There were old wooden wharf and lot of interesting stuff at beach and railway bridge area. I tagged photos as hallansillanalla. I located photos into the map at first time. It looks very good tool for traveller to show his ways and other explorers can find those exiting places also. I´m going to use that with my students next week! Last autumn we have that our home town Kotka as first subject in photography courses at primary and secondary school. We have themes beautiful ( tag kauniskotka) and ugly (tag rumakotka) Kotka.

In my opinion travelling around is one of the main things in studying art and photography also. You have ideas and then you go after that and you find something else. In this time in Halla it was so! I found one piece of iron from the beach beside the Halla bridge. It looks like iron face and decided to take some photos about people with this “mask”. Hmmm…

Free softwares for editing photography (have to download) and Adobe Photoshop Express (web-based software) are very good tools for students because those are free. When we are working with photos in school it is important that students can use same tools at home in spite of having money to by expensive software. I have only tried those a little. Those both looks very useful and they have every basic tools. I have my next networking photography course next autumn and then I have to have good experience of those softwares. I have been using Picasa with my own photos. It´s so easy tool to keep photos in order. It is also very easy to upload photos to web gallery descript either private or public. If you download Picasa to your computer there is also basic tools to edit photos. I have found collage tools very useful

there. Here is one example.

At least I add Creative Commons license to my Flickr account and I chose

Noncommercial means:You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform your work - and derivative works based upon it - but for noncommercial purposes only. “

and I loaded one photo to LeMill.

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