lauantai 19. huhtikuuta 2008

Week 7: Sound garden

Here is the picture and the story goes HERE
When I read this week subject I didn't know if I'm going to gry or laugh. Here is one of those terrible wieves from my windows. And if you listen to my story you might understand me more... : ) : (

I had many brilliant ideas how to do interesting podcast but then I noticed some problems with technical things. My microphones are not very good quality and I did not like that sound. Then I recorded my story with my web camera and now it sounds little pit better but then there was problems with that data. Audacity did not like it. So I have some music mixing program in my computer and save take that data there and save it mb3. Then I was so tired with those problems that I didn't mix there any bird songs or children sounds I had first planned. I am sorry about that poring sound garden...only my voice.

In this week we were supposed to read about podcasting, open audio formats and Creative Commons licensed audio. We installed free audio editor Audacity, trying to record our own podcast and publish it in some online service such Odeo or Switchpod. I decided to publish my podcast in Switchpod after I have joined in both of them. I didn’t found out how I can publish my own podcast in Odeo. I was lost there….so I change to Switchpod and there was really detailed directions.

I have been joined in some Creative Commons licensed audio pages before (exm. Free Sound) and I was there to listen bird songs and different wheatear sounds. I have downloaded some sounds to computer but I haven’t used them yet. But I like to! I like to take them to my wiki page with some photos and I like to mix sounds with pictures and I want to learn how you can do that kind of picture that you can touch and then there is going to start sound…can you do that with podcast? Maybe someone can teach me : ) please!

I’m now very interested in this audio world but I recognised that I have to have more practise with this things. I didn’t learn Audacity very well but I going to make more researches.

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Unknown kirjoitti...

Is it this time of the year or what, but it seems that us Finns are so depressed B-)

Your garden looks just great!

Cheer up!