maanantai 10. maaliskuuta 2008

Some OER points for me...

At first I must say that Ilkka Tuomi’s report Open Educational Resources: What they are and why do they matter was really new for me and it was full of abbreviates (I O.K.I, SIF, ELF) and technical details about OER history. One week was too short time to me to adopt all those things but I decided to bring up only those main points for mine purpose.

“One way to describe open resources is to define them as resources that produce service flows that anyone can enjoy, without reducing the enjoyment of others. This definition is related to the concept of public goods.”

That is the main point one with OER for me and Tuomi described it very thoroughly. He has also studied Knowledge as a public good seeing there some problems with copyrights but also many possibilities that the authors and the society can greatly benefit from free copying. He sees common pools more “public good” for everyone than traditional public goods because we can have that knowledge or good without taking it from someone else – only copying and sharing it. How can that be economically profitable – it’s interesting and needs some completely new business models.

It was also good point to me see those criteria (“communalism,” “universality,” “disinterestedness,” “originality,” and “scepticism”) that are compatible with the norms of academic science as a backround to OER philosophy.

Tuomi has found out OER opening exist as tree levels. He has noticed that many courses seems to be open only level 1 or 2. Level 3 let everyone be contributors too. I’ m very interested in to have some students with me as contributors in same level as I in some courses. But I have not that experience yet. We can already publish our blog posts on the same account and we can comment each others works but I’m the one administer. I see learning very much as a social process nowadays. I don’t have very long history in this case and I feel that this new openness and knowledge sharing is going to change my pedagogic thinking and working methods with the network courses and in the class room too.

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