tiistai 11. maaliskuuta 2008

Some research into OER spaces

OU –Open University and Open learning space.

This space looks very professional with every tool for communication (chat, flash meeting and knowledge map) and sharing knowledge. There is an also personal space for studying. This space looks very pale and colourless to me. I don’t know if there can manage spaces after registered but in this way it’s too flat for me. I need to make my own space with my own colours to study with great interest.: ) Art studying needs colours!


I found out some collaborating tools very interesting. Workgroups as a scratch areas could be authored by many or there could be some hierarchy. Those areas contributors roles can be authored many ways also. You can be author, maintainer or copywriter.

Connexion seems to be a publishing and sharing space for real ready materials. Collaborating is hidden and networking tools are based on texts mainly.

MIT (Massachusets Institute of Technology), OCW Open Course Ware

There is very large space with courses freely to study. I was surprised that its not possible to have any degrees or certificate from MIT or OCW by studying in OCW system. This space has also very professional appearance but the only one which have red DONATE now buttons everywhere.


Le Mill was the only one of these learning spaces I know before. I haven’t yet learning to use it very well. I have been visited and registered there but I have not found anything from there to use in art teaching. LeMill has very fresh outlook and it is easy to manage. But NOW I’m going to learn more with next week lesson.

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