keskiviikko 19. maaliskuuta 2008

How to get started with LeMill?

I have been visited LeMill few months ago and then I was confused about feeling like being alone there. Now I noticed the same thing. I founded a group called Photography as a networking course and asked my friend to join this group but what else can I do to be BOLD? I though that maybe there can be some other persons interested in this subject also but there was not. So – I’m not so surprised after all. I have been trying to have some conversation about this subject before in different spaces but it has been very frustrated until now. But maybe some day…….Now I have one contact from UK but I haven’t heard about him lately. I don’t know if art teachers are interested in OER or not but I hope some day I have some good debate on this subject! : )

LeMill looks very fresh and easy to get in. There is 13 languages to use and areas for content, methods, tools and community. Your can manage your own group for collaborating there and you can have all your teaching materials published and shared there if you wan to. For me LeMill looks like place to find some interesting directions to different OER tools It’s also very nice to notice that there is users instructions how to use LeMill tools. I haven’t published any materials yet but I get interested in!

I like that way LeMill combine collaborating, publishing, sharing and also introducing OTHER OER projects. To get started…I have to learn more and I have to find some groups to join and collaborate. And maybe I’m going to publish some researches studying art with open spaces like Wikispaces and Ning.

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